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AI-Generation Video's and Articles in Minutes!
Skyrocketing Customer Satisfaction and Slashing Churn

Deliver personalized AI Generated how-to videos and articles directly to your customers, ensuring loyalty, engagement, and a steady revenue stream.


Feed your Knowledge Base with high quality articles and videos and make every customer your champion.


No credit card required

Get started immediately and fast

Automatically create screenshots with the FREE Extension

See TellAndy in Action


Transform Processes into Articles and Video's 15x Faster 

Unleash the power of Generative AI to create your How-To's content at record speed and reach your customers instantly to make them happier !  

How it works

Explain Anything to Anyone Clearly

Step 1

Record and Explain

Record and explain your workflow to TellAndy AI. Just like you would explain it to any colleague. TellAndy will also let you review your transcript to make sure it's perfect!


Step 3

Publish and Share

Share your article and video instantly directly or export them to different platforms, send them via email or download them to your computer.


Step 2

Preview and Edit

Preview your article and video in action.  Now you can make edits and changes on the fly. TellAndy has your article and video branded, annotated and ready to go.


No credit card required

Get started immediately and fast

TellAndy Can Create a short informational video from text, a prompt or a Website

Did you explain a new process, feature or product on your blog or website ? Want to get people interested  ? TellAndy has you covered!


You can simply TellAndy the website or blog address, enter your text,

or ask TellAndy to create a video on any subject with a simple text prompt.


TellAndy will then create a short information video you can provide your customers, colleagues or use a teaser on your website or social networks.


No credit card required

Get started immediately and fast


Endless Editing Possibilities 

Want to add your own content ? Feel like making some changes ?

Don't worry - we have you covered !

Easily edit any video, from our AI generator quick edit options that let's you change or replace any element with a single click, to a rich online free video editor for the power users.

Want to make it your own ? 
We have a brand kit too (and it's included in all accounts for free !)

Empower Your Teams to Create
AI Generated 'How-To' Customers Will Love


Show your prospects what you've got for them with personalized videos


Onboard, increase adoption and respond to any question with a tailored professional video at a click

Documentation & Training

Turn knowledge base articles into professional videos in just minutes

Product Teams

Wow your customers with new feature releases and capabilities to grow usage and reduce churn

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